Implant Retained Fixed Hybrid Overdenture

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Ardmore dentist Dr. Jeffrey Bellisario often recommends dental implants for patients who are looking to replace missing teeth. Dental implants provide a sturdy, stable, long-lasting and inconspicuous tooth replacement option.

However, patients who are missing enough teeth to justify replacing an entire row have often been provided with dentures. While still very useful, traditional dentures offer a number of disadvantages when compared to dental implants, including a lack of stability.

Fortunately, Dr. Bellisario offers an implant-retained fixed hybrid overdenture, which uses dental implants to root and support a row of dentures. This allows us to combine the support and stability of dental implants with dentures’ ability to replace a great deal of missing teeth.

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What Is It?

An “overdenture” is simply a removable denture (either partial or full) that sits over either natural teeth or dental implants. In the case of the implant-retained fixed hybrid overdenture, the denture will sit over (and be firmly anchored by) a set of dental implants.

Why Is It Appropriate?

Dentures are a useful, traditional, longstanding tool of restorative dentistry. That said, patients and dentists have long recognized that they present certain challenges. One complaint Ardmore-area patients often have about their dentures is that they’re loose and poorly fitting. This makes it difficult to eat and even speak.

You should have confidence in your dentures, and that’s impossible if you feel them shifting. Dental implants offer a solution.

If Dr. Bellisario determines that you are need of an overdenture (usually because you’re in danger of losing all but a few teeth in your upper or lower rows) and you decide to move forward with an implant retained option, the procedure will generally work like this:

  • We will take moulds of your teeth and mouth; these are sent away to custom-design your dentures
  • Once these are ready, Dr. Bellisario will place multiple dental implants in your jaw; the exact number varies by patient, but is usually between four and six
  • The implants are topped with special attachments that allow your dentures to “snap on” to the implants
  • We then fit the dentures to your mouth and attach them to the implants

The result is a full set of beautiful teeth, anchored firmly with dental implants. You can click here for pictures of an Ardmore-area patient who received animplant-retained fixed hybrid overdenture and was very satisfied with the results.

If you’re an Ardmore, Pennsylvania-area resident considering dental implants or dentures to replace missing teeth, please contact The Office of Dr. Bellisario by calling 610-642-7024 or completing the form on this page today.