Family Dentistry Ardmore, PA

Dr. Jeffrey Bellisario and Dr. David Robbins provide family dentistry services to their patients in Ardmore, PA. Family dentistry provides general dental services to patients of all ages. Our dental office works to accommodate families so they can receive the routine dental care they need.

We know that many families have busy schedules filled with work and after-school activities. Call our dental office and we can help you and your children receive dental cleanings, x-rays, and all of the treatment you need to maintain your smiles.

Family Dentistry in Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Pediatric Dental Visits

Before baby teeth even erupt, parents can clean their child’s gums with a damp cloth to remove food debris. When the teeth come in, patients should use an infant toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste to brush the primary teeth.

We recommend that parents bring their children for their first dental visit after their first birthday or six months after their first tooth erupts. Prior to this appointment, emphasize the excitement of visiting the dentist for the first time. You can even “play dentist” and brush their teeth and gums. This role play will help them prepare for their appointment.

At your child’s first visit, our friendly team will examine their smile and clean their teeth and gums. Making your child’s first visit a fun experience is our goal. Our friendly office staff and dental team want every patient to feel comfortable and welcome when they visit our office.

Dental Sealants and Flouride

For slightly older children, we recommend dental sealants and fluoride treatment at routine dental visits. Dental sealants are coatings that we apply to the back molars. They help “seal out” tooth decay. We apply sealants to the molars because they are difficult to clean. Many younger patients can develop cavities in hard-to-reach areas of the smiles.

For fluoride treatment, we paint a highly concentrated fluoride varnish onto the teeth. We will ask patients to refrain from brushing or eating for 4 to 6 hours. Fluoride strengthens the tooth enamel and protects teeth from decay-causing bacteria.

How to Treat Aging Smiles

Our smiles change over time. As we age, we can begin to experience changes in our tooth alignment and brightness. Certain medical conditions or accidents may also lead to tooth loss or decay. However, our cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry treatments can help. We offer Zoom! and KöR teeth whitening treatment to erase years of stains from the smile.

For patients with tooth damage or single-stained teeth, we recommend porcelain veneers or dental bonding treatment. Both of these treatments cover imperfections in the smile for a brighter and more uniform look. Dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures can replace one or more lost permanent teeth. We will often recommend implants to secure missing teeth restorations for longer-lasting, aesthetically pleasing results.

Call Our Family Dental Office

Contact Dr. Bellisario or Dr. Robbins today for an appointment by calling (610) 839-8967. You can also schedule a dental consultation on our website. Do you have questions about caring for your child’s smile or current concerns that you would like to discuss with our dentists? Let us know and we will be happy to help.