Laser Dentistry Ardmore, PA

Do you have dental fear or anxiety? Are dental drills and tools the worst part of your dental visits? If you find loud noises at the dentist nerve-wracking, we can help. Dental lasers offer an alternative to loud and often frightening dental tools. With laser dentistry in our Ardmore, PA dental office, patients feel more comfortable and calm during their treatment.

Our soft tissue dental lasers provide quick general dental care to prevent damage caused by gum disease. Using lasers, we can comfortably contour the smile, remove gum infection, and address tongue and lip-tie.

Laser Dentistry in Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Dental lasers:

  • Provide quiet treatment
  • Do not damage the gum tissue
  • Minimize bleeding
  • Offer painless care
  • Do not require anesthesia
  • Offer quick recovery and healing times

If you require treatment for a gummy smile, tongue-tie, lip-tie, or gum disease, please call our office. We can provide safe and comfortable treatment using a dental laser.

Soft-Tissue Laser Treatments

With a soft tissue laser, we can provide treatment for these oral health issues:

  • Gummy Smiles: A gummy smile, occurs when there is excessive gum tissue below the upper lip. We can safely treat a gummy smile, also known as excessive gingival display, with dental lasers. Lasers precisely contour the gums and remove excess gum tissue. This creates a more balanced smile.
  • Tongue-tie and Lip-tie: Tongue-ties are marked by a band of tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth. A lip-tie is similar, but the band of tissue attaches the upper lip to the gums. Both tongue and lip-ties restrict the patient’s range of motion. Using a dental laser, we can free the tongue or lips by painlessly cutting the band of tissue.
  • Gum Disease: With a laser, we can remove infected gum tissue from the mouth. This prevents the further spread of bacteria.  For patients with gum recession, we recommend gum grafting. Gum grafting takes healthy gum tissue, typically from another part of the mouth. This gum tissue is then placed in areas affected by gum recession. The healthy gum tissue keeps the tooth in place and supports the patient’s overall gum health.

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