Emergency Dentist Ardmore, PA

Dr. Jeffrey Bellisario is an emergency dentist in Ardmore, PA. He helps patients receive prompt general dental care to prevent further tooth decay, damage, and even loss. In the event of a dental emergency, call the Office of Dr. Bellisario at (610) 839-8967.

Please receive medical care before calling us for dental care. If you have sustained dental damage from an accident, visit the hospital. Once you have healed from your physical injuries, our dentists can provide you with oral health treatment. Patient safety is a top priority in our dental office.

Emergency Dentist in Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Types of Dental Emergencies

Learn how to care for common dental emergencies at home as well as what we can do to treat your dental problems in our office:


If you have sudden or chronic tooth pain, there may be many causes. An impacted tooth, dental injury, tooth wear, and even tooth decay can all be causes of toothaches and sensitivity. Take pain medication and call us so we can examine your teeth and gums. We may recommend a dental extraction, root canal, or cosmetic treatment to relieve your tooth pain.

Lost Permanent Tooth

Have you just lost a permanent tooth? Don’t panic. If you can find the tooth, hold it by its top, or crown. Place it in a cup of cold milk. Press gauze or a clean cloth at your tooth socket to stave off bleeding. Call our office, and we may be able to reattach the tooth. However, if we cannot reattach the tooth, we can provide you with a single dental implant. Implants are restorations that replace teeth at the root. They look and function just like natural teeth.

Broken Dental Restoration

Do you have a broken dental crown, dental bridge, or denture? Please call our office and do not place the restoration back in your mouth. Our dentists will examine your teeth, gums, and broken restoration to determine if you require a replacement. For patients with bridges and dentures, we will often recommend dental implants to secure the prosthetic.

Object Stuck Between Teeth

The best way to remove an object stuck between your teeth is to floss gently. Do not use any other method to try and free the object as this can damage your teeth or gums. Call our office and we can safely remove the object for you.

Excessive Bleeding

It is normal for many patients to continue bleeding at their tooth socket following a tooth extraction. However, it is abnormal for the extraction site to continue to bleed days after treatment. Contact our office if a blood clot has not formed after 8 to 12 hours. We can treat post-extraction bleeding, which can cause severe pain if left untreated.

Schedule a Dental Consultation

Contact our dental office for comfortable treatment today at (610) 839-8967. Do you want to schedule a routine dental visit? Request a dental appointment with Dr. Bellisario or Dr. Robbins on our website. Are you unsure if your dental problem is an emergency? Call us and we will instruct you on what to do.