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X-Ray scans and messy mold impressions for restorative dentistry and orthodontics are now a thing of the past. The iTero® Intraoral Scanner has revolutionized the way our dentist evaluates and diagnoses malocclusions and other issues with your teeth and even shows the current state of your oral health. This innovative machine uses a specialized wand to capture 3D color images of your teeth and allows you to view the scan in real-time, making it easier to collect accurate information and determine the best course of action to improve the appearance and function of your smile.

The intraoral scanner is often used to show patients the outcome of their Invisalign® treatment and allows you to compare the current alignment of your teeth and jaw with the projected results.  

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How Does the iTero® Intraoral Scanner Work?

Our dentist will begin by using the iTero® wand to capture high-resolution 3D images which rotate to show your full bite. Scans are transmitted at 6,000 frames per second, so the impression is done while the wand is in motion and created within minutes. The iTero® wand offers 100,000 reference points for exceptional accuracy. The outcome shows a precise representation of the state of your oral health such as gum disease, demonstrates the benefits of orthodontic treatments and often gives patients a push to improve dental hygiene habits.

The entire scanning process typically takes three to five minutes and immediately creates a digital simulation of your upper and lower teeth.

Once the scanner has finished, we will use the intuitive touchscreen to show you which areas of your mouth require restorative treatments or orthodontics. The scans can then be sent directly to the lab to create retainers, Invisalign® aligners, printed models and many others to restore your smile. iTero® scans work with porcelain, zirconia, full gold and composite materials.

What Restorative and Orthodontic Treatments can be Done with iTero®?

These scanners were designed to improve the experience and outcome of many areas of dentistry. They can be used for:

The iTero® scanner offers a reliable and accurate option that optimizes patient comfort and provides a faster way to visualize the outcome of your dentistry treatments.

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