White Fillings

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Sometimes even the best dental hygiene habits are not enough to prevent tooth decay. When a cavity threatens the health of a tooth, placing a dental filling is the best way to protect it going forward, preventing the need for more serious dental work in the future.

At The Office of Dr. Bellisario, we use a tooth-colored dental composite to ensure your fillings look as natural as possible. Please call us in Ardmore at 610-642-7024 to arrange a consultation.

Benefits of White Fillings

Apart from their realistic appearance, white fillings also have several practical benefits, such as:

  • Strength – The dental composite material is bonded directly to your tooth, ensuring the filling will not come loose or fall out. Also, unlike metal fillings, white fillings do not expand or contract with temperature changes. 
  • Protection – The composite bonding process makes white fillings more effective at protecting teeth from future decay.
  • Preservation of tooth structure – Less of your natural tooth is removed when placing a white filling, protecting its structural integrity.
  • Reduced sensitivity – White fillings do not conduct heat or cold like metal fillings do, greatly reducing the amount of tooth sensitivity you experience.

White fillings are also the best option because they contain no mercury. Many researchers believe that mercury can reach toxic levels in your bloodstream as metal fillings wear down. Although the science surrounding this issue is still being investigated, we are committed to providing mercury-free dental fillings out of concern for the health of our patients.

The Composite Fillings Process

Composite fillings can be placed during a single office visit. The process for entails numbing the area around the damaged tooth and removing the decayed or diseased portions of the tooth.

After the tooth is cleaned and prepared, the composite resin is applied to the tooth and shaped for a natural appearance. Once the white filling has been sculpted for a seamless fit, it is cured to harden the bonding material, then smoothed to look and feel like your healthy natural teeth.

Depending on your specific needs, porcelain inlays and onlays may be an even more beneficial option for cavity treatment. Ardmore dentist Dr. Jeffrey Bellisario will discuss your options with you in detail during a personal consultation.

If you would like to learn more about white fillings in the Havertown area, please contact The Office of Dr. Bellisario using the form on this page or call (610-642-7024 today to schedule your personal consultation. We welcome patients from Ardmore, Bala Cynwyd, Bryn Mawr, Newtown Square, and the rest of the Main Line area of Pennsylvania.