Why Replace Missing Teeth?

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Losing a tooth doesn't just leave a gap in your smile. It can also cause a number of issues that impact your oral health. If you're considering tooth replacement, dental implants are the most complete option available at our Havertown dentistry office.

Dentures and bridges only cover the space above the gums where teeth are missing. Dental implants, on the other hand, replace the missing tooth entirely, including the root structure below the gum tissue.

Implants gradually integrate with the jaw bone, effectively becoming a part of the mouth. This advanced tooth replacement option has a number of advantages:

  • Improved function, including better speaking and chewing ability
  • Decreased incidence of gum disease and other conditions affecting the mouth
  • Reduced risk of bone resorption in the portion of the jaw where the tooth was lost
  • Stability for surrounding teeth
  • Facial features won't sag, allowing you to retain a more youthful appearance
  • Surrounding teeth are left intact – no need to alter natural teeth to support a restoration

Patients who replace missing teeth often enjoy a boost in self-confidence. A healthy mouth and a restored smile often leads to immense improvement in quality of life on multiple fronts.

With proper care, it's possible to enjoy lifelong benefits from dental implants. To learn more about tooth replacement options, please call The Office of Dr. Jeffrey Bellisario today at 610-642-7024 for a consultation at our office near Havertown.