Which Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment is Right for Me?

Serving Greater Philadelphia, including Ardmore, Bryn Mawr, & Newtown Square.

Cosmetic dentistry from Ardmore dentist Dr. Jeffrey Bellisario encompasses a wide range of treatments. Cosmetic dentistry is tremendously flexible and can address a number of your aesthetic concerns.

Dr. Bellisario will examine you closely to determine which cosmetic dentistry treatment is appropriate for your specific needs. This will entail figuring out the cause of the condition to be treated and deciding upon the appropriate course of treatment.

Some common cosmetic dentistry procedures and the conditions they treat follow:

·         Porcelain veneers: Chipped, cracked, discolored or improperly spaced teeth

·         Dental implants: Replace missing teeth; stable, sturdy and long-lasting

·         Dental bridges: Also replace missing teeth; a shorter procedure, appropriate for patients who lack the necessary jaw bone density to support implants

·         Dental crowns: Protect decayed or damaged teeth

·         Teeth whitening: If you have stubbornly stained teeth, our whitening procedure can give you a bright, white, photogenic smile

Dr. Bellisario will use his 30 years of experience with cosmetic dentistry to identify the treatment that is appropriate for you. We are committed to ensuring you walk away from our offices satisfied with the quality of care you've received.

If you live in Ardmore, Pennsylvania or the surrounding areas and you want to learn more about cosmetic dentistry, please contact The Office of Dr. Jeffrey Bellisario today to schedule a consultation.