When Is a Root Canal Necessary?

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While many people are familiar with the phrase "root canal," many patients are actually not certain as to what the procedure really is, believing that it involves removal of the tooth. When it comes to treatment with a root canal, the primary concern is the pulp that is within the tooth. If you are experiencing tooth discomfort, contact our Bryn Mawr family dentistry practice at  to schedule a consultation.

Many patients are not certain as to what conditions would merit the need for a root canal, but treatment is on a case by case basis. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms you  may need a root canal:

  • Swollen gums
  • Constant toothache
  • Temperature sensitivity
  • Discoloration of the tooth
  • Occurrence of a dental cyst
  • Radiating pain when you bite down on food

Additionally, if you have a cavity that is left untreated, it may become infected and spread to the root of the tooth. When a tooth reaches the point of the pulp becoming infected, a root canal will be necessary.

Though many people cringe at the thought of a root canal and believe it will be painful, the procedure is painless.

Keeping up with routine dental check-ups can greatly decrease the possibility of needing a root canal by catching issues as they arise. To schedule an appointment with our Bryn Mawr family dentistry practice, contact The Office of Dr. Bellisario at  today. We happily serve patients throughout the areas of Ardmore, Havertown, and Newtown Square, PA.