When Do I Need a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

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Full mouth reconstruction candidates in ArdmoreAt The Office of Doctor Bellisario, we offer a number of cosmetic procedures that are designed to target specific concerns and achieve specific goals. However, in some cases, this isn't sufficient. In some cases, we recommend a full mouth reconstruction to our Ardmore-area patients.

A full mouth reconstruction is not a single procedure – instead, it's a combination of cosmetic, restorative and neuromuscular dentistry procedures. The precise combination depends on your specific circumstances and goals.

Essentially, a full mouth reconstruction is merited when you have multiple, inter-connected problems, not just a solitary cosmetic concern you wish to address. In these cases, it's impossible to just fix one problem – the nature of the other issues would just overwhelm any individual solution.

As such, we'll carefully examine your teeth, gums and jaw to identify all of the problems and how they interact. At that point, we'll craft a treatment plan that's designed to address all of your concerns within a relatively short amount of time. So, for example, a full mouth reconstruction can replace a missing tooth, cover chipped or cracked teeth, whiten your teeth and then clear out an infected tooth.

The end result of a full mouth reconstruction is a revitalized sense of oral health. Your teeth and gums will look better and feel better, and you'll have an easier time eating, sleeping and speaking.

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