What is the Process for Placing Same-Day Dental Implants?

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If you’re looking to replace one or more missing teeth, you are most likely familiar with the most common solutions such as dental implants, dentures and dental bridges. However, there is another option that has been rapidly gaining popularity. It is called “teeth the same day,” a process that allows you to replace a full arch of teeth using four strategically placed dental implants.

As the name of the procedure implies, you will be able to enjoy a fully functional set of replacement teeth the same day that your implants are placed. This process differs significantly from traditional dental implants, which require a three-to-six-month healing process before your prosthetic tooth can be placed on the implant.

Teeth the same day offers you a much more affordable option than traditional dental implants, since you won’t need a separate implant for every missing tooth. The four implants used in your teeth the same day procedure will then attach to a set of dentures, providing you with a full set of replacement teeth.

Planning Phase of Your Teeth the Same Day Procedure

The planning phase of your procedure is crucial to achieving a successful outcome. Dr. Bellisario will use detailed 3D digital imaging technology to ensure your dental implants are placed in the precise location necessary to support your new set of dentures.

This process involves:

  • Diagnostic imaging – Dr. Bellisario uses state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging technology when planning your procedure. This includes a Cone Beam CT Scanner which constructs a detailed three-dimensional image of your jaw, along with all surrounding blood vessels, muscles and nerves.
  • Planning the placement of your implants – The images generated by the Cone Beam CT Scanner will be used to map out the precise placement of the four dental implants throughout your jaw. This ensures the dental implants will provide optimal levels of stability for your new dentures.
  • Creation of a surgical guide – Dr. Bellisario will use this information to create a template to be used when placing your dental implants. This surgical guide eliminates the risk of errors during the implant placement process and ensures you’ll receive highly accurate results.

All of these planning steps must be completed before your same-day dental implant procedure is performed. Once this process is completed, you’ll schedule your appointment for the teeth the same day procedure.

Your Teeth the Same Day Procedure

When you return to our office for your procedure, Dr. Bellisario will insert four dental implants into your jaw with the assistance of the surgical guide created during the planning process. He will attach a temporary set of dentures which will allow you to eat and chew properly while your jawbone heals.

Over the next three to six months, your jawbone will heal during a process called osseointegration. During osseointegration, your jawbone will fuse around the dental implants, providing greater stability for your replacement teeth. Once this process is completed, Dr. Bellisario will attach your permanent denture restoration to the four implants, providing you with a fully functional set of replacement teeth.

Teeth the Same Day Recovery Process

Same-day dental implants involve a much shorter recovery process than traditional implants. You may experience mild soreness for several days, but this can be alleviated using ibuprofen. Dr. Bellisario may also instruct you to take antibiotics or use an antimicrobial mouthwash to prevent infection.

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