Two Simple Steps for a Healthier Smile

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With the New Year upon us, now is a great time to evaluate the care you take of your teeth and gums – and to commit to improving that care to help your smile stay strong and beautiful for life. Even if you have a fairly solid at-home routine, most of us have room for improvement.

Below are two very simple steps you can take today to improve your oral health. For personalized recommendations, use the contact form on this page or call our Ardmore office to schedule an appointment.

How Often Should I Brush?

Brushing twice a day is great. Brushing after every meal and snack is better. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and appropriate toothpaste to brush for at least two minutes each time you eat. If you have restorations, you will want to avoid abrasive toothpaste. If you have tooth sensitivity, you will want a toothpaste formulated to reduce discomfort. We can help you in selecting the best toothpaste for your specific needs if this is something you struggle with.

It is a good idea to wait for 30 minutes after eating before you brush your teeth. This allows any enamel that may have been softened by your food or beverages to solidify and can help prevent enamel erosion.

Do I Have to Floss?

Flossing helps to prevent gum disease, tooth decay and infection, and bad breath. It should be done before you brush your teeth to help remove the largest amount of plaque, bacteria, and food particulate. It is ideal to floss at least twice a day. For ease of remembering, consider flossing before your first and last brushes of the day.

If you struggle with string floss, consider a water flosser instead. These can be more comfortable for some patients. If you would like instructions on flossing, we would be happy to provide them during your next visit.

And Don’t Forget Professional Care

Brushing and flossing with regularity are two simple ways to achieve a healthier smile. Don’t forget to visit our office every six months for professional services as well. These are essential for keeping the teeth and gums healthy, strong, and attractive.

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