Tooth Replacement Options

Serving Greater Philadelphia, including Ardmore, Bryn Mawr, & Newtown Square.

It’s crucial that you replace any missing teeth. At The Office of Dr. Bellisario, our Newtown Square dentist is prepared to offer you a range of options for replacing any missing teeth. Dr. Jeff Bellisario’s skill and experience makes him uniquely qualified for this task.

There are three main options for replacing missing teeth:

  • Dentures: The “traditional” tooth replacement options, dentures rely on false teeth placed over the gums. These are usually appropriate if you have large numbers of teeth missing, such as an entire row. We usually recommend other options, including…
  • Dental bridge: A dental bridge is an excellent solution if dental implants are not right for you and you’re missing a tooth that is located between two adjacent teeth. A dental bridge is just a dental crown that is anchored between two capped, adjacent teeth.
  • Dental implants: Dental implants are the strongest and most durable of your replacement options. We place a titanium support root in your jaw, wait for it to integrate with the bone, then top it with a porcelain crown. The materials are sturdy and the strong support for the implant helps it last decades.

Our Newtown Square dentist will make sure you get the procedure that is appropriate for your specific needs.

If you live in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania or any of the surrounding communities and you want to learn about dentures, dental implants or dental bridges, please contact The Office of Dr. Bellisario today for a consultation.