The Importance of Having a Family Dentist

Serving Greater Philadelphia, including Ardmore, Bryn Mawr, & Newtown Square.

While many dentists specialize in a particular area of treatment, our Havertown family dentist is dedicated to serving patients of all ages with exceptional lifelong dental care. From comprehensive examinations and relationship building for young children to keeping your teeth healthy and functional well into your senior years, Dr. Jeffrey A. Bellisario is dedicated to exceptional family dentistry.

As an experienced family dentist, Dr. Bellisario can provide distinct benefits for all patients. With a family dentistry approach, the whole family can build a lasting relationship based on open communication and trust. You can all benefit from the convenience of scheduled appointments together at one location.

Those who suffer from any level of dental anxiety or fear are often able to overcome their phobias when they can build a one-on-one rapport. Everyone gets better care when their family dentist can develop a thorough understanding of their family health history and personal dental challenges.

Dr. Bellisario has an investment in each of his patients. He is dedicated to helping every person he treats attain optimal dental health and keep their teeth for a lifetime of healthy nutritious eating and warm, beautiful smiles.

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