Myths About Root Canals

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When you hear that you need a root canal the general reaction most patients have is unease. Many times the unease that is felt from learning you need a root canal is due to misconceptions that many patients have. At The Office of Dr. Bellisario we want to make sure that our patients have any and all concerns that they may have about their root canal treatment addressed. To schedule a consultation, please contact our Havertown practice at  today.

Here are 4 of the most common myths surrounding root canals:

It’s the worst dental experience to have
Though there is a lot of noise and feelings of vibrations, a root canal treatment actually pain free.

My tooth is weakened
There is marginal truth here, however, without treatment you can fully lose the tooth.  If a root canal is treated with the right restoration (often a crown), you can expect to dramatically prolong the life of your tooth.

It really hurts
As mentioned, root canals are a painless treatment. It is common for the mouth to feel sore afterwards, but this can easily be resolved with an anti-inflammatory medication.

I don’t need to place a crown on my tooth after treatment
In rare instances you may not need a crown, but placing a crown on the treated tooth is the most definitive treatment option in most cases. Based on your unique situation, your dentist will be able to advise you on what the best restoration for the longevity will be.

If you have additional concerns or questions about your Havertown root canal treatment, please call The Office of Dr. Bellisario at  to schedule a personal consultation. We happily welcome patients from Havertown, Bryn Mawr, Ardmore, Newtown Square, and throughout the Main Line area of Pennsylvania.