Lifetime Dental Care

Serving Greater Philadelphia, including Ardmore, Bryn Mawr, & Newtown Square.

For busy families who love the convenience of being able to schedule all of their routine dental care appointments at the same time, Havertown family dentistry is the clear choice. However, the benefits of family dentistry go well beyond convenience. With family dentistry, you can build a relationship with your caring dentist over many years. Your family dentist gets to know your whole family and can take your family medical history into account. As we age—from our very first tooth to our advanced years—our teeth change and grow. An experienced family dentist is uniquely positioned to provide the right care for every stage of life, helping to ensure your teeth last a lifetime.

Dr. Bellisario recommends a first dental visit at 2 ½ to 3 years of age. With regular checkups from an early age, Dr. Bellisario can make sure your child’s teeth are developing properly and make sure that routine dental care becomes a healthy habit to protect their oral health for a lifetime. He can then monitor your child’s growth and changes throughout their teen years and well into adulthood and senior years, helping to prevent, diagnose, and treat problems more effectively.

Additionally, Dr. Bellisario understands that keeping your teeth functioning properly and looking great play an important role in protecting your overall health and ensuring a healthy self-esteem as you age. Ageing causes changes to the facial profile as soft tissues change position and the teeth begin to wear. With great family dentistry, all of these natural processes are taken into account to provide you with consistent and preventive care to keep your smile beautiful.

If you are looking for exceptional family dentistry in the Havertown, Pennsylvania area at any age, please call The Office of Doctor Bellisario todayat 610-642-7024 for a consultation.