Want to Keep Your Mouth Healthy? Avoid These 6 Foods

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We all long to have beautiful, glisteningly white teeth, but sometimes, we look in the mirror and discover that our teeth aren't as white as we were hoping for. Or, possibly, you have bad breath but can't figure out why. Confusion sets in as you realize that you are following a good brushing and flossing routine, use mouthwash, and even visit your dentist twice a year. So, what may be causing the lack of luster?

Here are 6 foods that may be the culprit for your yellow smile and bad breath:

  • Dark liquids - coffee, tea, cola, and red wine can be absorbed by your teeth enamel, causing stains
  • Onions & garlic - these two foods turn into propenyl sulfenic acid when cut, which can cause horribly bad breath that lingers
  • Seeds - any food that has small seeds like poppy seeds or a strawberry can imbed themselves under your gums causing damage and decay
  • Corn on the cob - can get stuck in your teeth and cause decay
  • Horseradish - the flavor in this product comes from isothiocyanate that causes horrible breath
  • Red meat - can get stuck between teeth and cause decay

While all of these food are fine in moderation, or even be healthy in heavy doses, utilizing proper oral care is always the best recipe for healthy mouths. Our Havertown family dentist, Dr. Bellisario, suggests that everyone in the family brushes twice a day, flosses at least once, and visits our Ardmore dental office twice a year for healthy and beautiful teeth.

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