How Long Is the Dental Implant Process?

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If you’re considering dental implants to replace a missing tooth, it’s important to understand that you’re committing to a lengthy process. It can take between six to eight months for the dental implant process to be completed.

While this is a long time to wait for your final restoration, the benefits of dental implants make committing this time worthwhile. It is by far the most effective tooth replacement solution available, replacing both your missing tooth and root. As a result, dental implants provide a permanent replacement that restores the full functionality of your tooth.

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Steps Involved in the Dental Implant Process

If your jawbone lacks sufficient density to accommodate the implant, you may need a bone graft prior to undergoing your procedure. If this step is necessary, it may add several months to the process since it will take time for the bone graft to achieve the results necessary for your jawbone to support the dental implant.

The dental implant process involves the following steps:

  • Implant placement – Dr. Bellisario will insert a titanium dental implant into your jawbone. This implant will serve as your replacement tooth root.
  • Osseointegration – After the dental implant is placed, there is a long healing process called osseointegration. During osseointegration, your jawbone fuses with the implant, allowing it to serve as a fully functional replacement root. In general, it takes between three and six months for osseointegration to complete.
  • Abutment placement – Once your jawbone has fully healed and fused with the implant, Dr. Bellisario will attach a titanium rod, called an abutment, to the dental implant. The abutment will be used to secure your new prosthetic tooth in place. It will take approximately two weeks for your gums to heal after the abutment is placed.
  • Creation of your prosthetic tooth – Once your gums have healed, Dr. Bellisario will take an impression of your teeth and create a model of your bite. These will be used by the lab to create your new replacement tooth. If you are only missing one tooth or several teeth, dental crowns will be used for your prosthetic. If you had several dental implants placed to replace a full arch of missing teeth, a denture will be used to replace the entire arch.

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