How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

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One of the reasons our Bryn Mawr-area patients are so interested in dental implants is the durability of this dental work. If you practice sound dental hygiene, take good care of your dental implants and avoid any significant traumas, your implants can last decades, and perhaps the rest of your life.

The secret to the durability of dental implants is two-fold. First, they are made from strong, sturdy, long-lasting materials. The implant roots themselves are made from titanium, while the dental crowns that top the implants are made from porcelain.

This means that Bryn Mawr patients don’t have to worry about damaging their dental implants as they go about their day-to-day lives.

Second, dental implants are firmly rooted and supported by a process known as “osseo-integration.” After place the titanium supports in your jaw, your body takes about six months to fully integrate the implants into your bone.

Once it does, your dental implants will possess a strong foundation, fused to your natural bone material.

Once your implants are in place, you have to care for them as you do your natural teeth. If you do, they will last decades.

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