How Easy is Dental Bonding?

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Are you embarrassed about your smile due to any chipped or broken teeth? If so, our Newtown Square cosmetic dentistry team has the answer for you - dental bonding!

How Does Dental Bonding Work

When your tooth requires dental bonding, our Newtown Square cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jeff Bellisario, will smoothly guide you through the entire process from choosing the right resin color to the final application. Here are the basic steps for getting your tooth bonded:

1)               Our cosmetic dentist chooses the shade of resin which most closely matches your tooth's coloring.

2)               Tooth which will be bonded is scored and evened out.

3)               Tooth-colored resin is attached to the area for repair and resin is shaped to fit it.

4)               Dental bonding is completed when the material hardens and it is then polished to match the shape and texture of the tooth itself.

5)               Entire process typically takes about 30 minutes.

If your smile has minimal aesthetic issues like small chips or minute cracks, then dental bonding is the recommended choice. Our Newtown Square cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jeff Bellisario is particularly experienced when it comes to dental bonding and he can happily answer any questions or concerns you may have.

To find out whether or not dental bonding is an ideal choice for you, please contact the Office of Dr. Bellisario today. Call for your individual appointment.