How do Dental Crowns Make Us Smile?

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If you have teeth with any kind of damage or in need of repair, it can make you feel very uncomfortable or self-conscious. In addition, it may be altering the way your teeth and mouth function together. That is why consulting our Bryn Mawr cosmetic dentistry team is a solid option for enhancing your smile.

How Dental Crowns Make Us Smile

For damaged teeth, dental crowns are an excellent option. Dental crowns are a way of providing restoration to damaged teeth and preventing any further damage to them.  The three materials dental crowns are made of are:

1)     Metal dental crowns

2)     Porcelain dental crowns

3)     Ceramic dental crowns

Of these three, metal crowns are the strongest and can last longer than either ceramic or porcelain dental crowns. No matter which type you choose, all three will improve your smile by:

·        Covering stains

·        Hiding misshapen teeth

·        Keeping broken teeth held together

Our Bryn Mawr cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jeff Bellisario has the right skill and experience for your dental crowns and if dental crowns are not the right choice for you, he can provide with dental bridges, porcelain veneers, or even scheduling a root canal.

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