Get Your Dental Implants Done in One Day

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Stop struggling with dentures. You can have dental implants done in a single day. Talk to Dr. Bellisario to see if you're a candidate for Teeth In a Day™Thanks to advancing technology you can now have same day dental implants. Teeth the same day is a revolutionary technique that allows you to go home with a full set of teeth in a single day. This method is ideal if you are missing all or most of your teeth.

If you have been struggling with dentures and are looking for permanent tooth restoration, see Dr. Bellisario to find out if teeth the same day could be perfect for you.

There are several reasons to consider same day implants including:

·         No Lifestyle Change. You can continue eating the same foods or begin eating foods you've missed since losing some of your teeth. You can brush your implants naturally. Your sense of taste is not altered, and you can still feel temperature changes.

·         Less Hassle and Pain. Many who choose to have teeth the same day have dealt with inconvenient dentures. This permanent alternative won't put painful pressure on your gums and is less invasive than traditional options.

·         Restores Confidence. Dental bridges or crowns often require you to go without teeth for a period of time. When you have dental implants done in one day, your temporary teeth will be placed in your prosthetic arch immediately. You can leave Dr. Bellisario's office with a new natural-looking smile to show off. Permanent dental implants will replace your temporary teeth six to eight months after your restoration.

Traditional procedures can take up to a year. With teeth the same day, you can walk out with the smile you've been missing.

If you're interested in teeth the same day, please call Dr. Bellisario at 610-642-7024 today to schedule your evaluation. The Office of Dr. Bellisario provides excellent cosmetic dentistry in Ardmore, Havertown, Bryn Mawr and Newtown Square, Pennsylvania.