Exercise Can Decrease Your Health?

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A healthy exercise regimen is good for all parts of your body, right? According to a new study published in The Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, heavy exercise may actually lead to certain dental problems

In further study to try to discover why dental health is impacted by heavy exercise, researchers at the dental school at University Hospital Heidelberg in Germany did a study that compared 35 triathletes to 35 non-athletes.

During the study, the following was performed on all members for comparison:

  • Full oral examinations
  • Questionnaires about diet, oral hygiene routines, and the consumption of sugary sports drinks
  • Saliva tests while at rest
  • Saliva tests during and after vigorous exercise

In comparison to the non-athletic members of the study, the athletes had worse overall oral health, including worse erosion on their enamel and more cavities. The study also found that the more hours a person regularly exercised, the worse their oral healthy seemed to be.

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What the study discovered was that there were no major differences between the active members' saliva and the athletes' saliva while at rest. However, once the athletes were exercising, their saliva changed, becoming more alkaline and creating an atmosphere where more plaque could form.
Also, when the mouth became too dry while breathing heavily, it allowed for saliva changes that could cause oral lesions. The study suggested the following to maintain good oral health while partaking in exercise:
  • Stay hydrated as it keeps your saliva more abundant at its normal state
  • A mint or sugar-free gum can help your saliva start functioning properly after a workout
  • Always maintain good oral health including brushing, flossing, and regular visits to your dentist

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