Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

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Newtown Square cosmetic dentist Dr. Jeff Bellisario always emphasizes to his patients the importance of replacing missing teeth. You have a number of options for doing so. Dental bridges are excellent options for many of our patients.

At The Office of Dr. Bellisario, we often recommend dental implants, which are strong, sturdy and long-lasting. However, for patients who lack the necessary bone density in their jaws, dental bridges can represent an excellent tooth replacement choice.

Dental bridges are generally appropriate when you’ve lost a tooth that sits between two other teeth. A dental bridge places a replacement dental crown in the vacated space, then caps the surrounding teeth to anchor the crown.

Dr. Bellisario will thoroughly examine your current state of dental health to determine which tooth replacement option is right for you. He’s committed to ensuring that all of his patients from Newtown Square and the surrounding communities get the procedure that is right for them.

If you live in or around Newtown Square, Pennsylvania and you want to learn more about dental bridges, please contact The Office of Dr. Bellisario today for a consultation.