Dental Implants Increase Day After St. Patricks

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St. Paddy's Day is filled with green beer, great cheer... and missing teeth? Dental implants rise day after St. Patrick's. Our Philadelphia Dentist can helpSt. Patrick's Day is the holiday that gives adults the much-needed excuse to drink green beer and Jameson. Parades pop up across the country and green-beaded necklaces featuring shamrocks are thrown from paper-máche floats featuring Celtic dancers. The day after is often filled with headaches, regrets and, for some, missing teeth.

The day after St. Patrick's Day sees over a 60% increase in emergency dental implants needs. For the most part, it's mainly men who have to make next-day dental appointments. Women often see a lower rate of tooth emergencies on March 18th, unless they live in Texas or Nebraska where the rates go up 39% and 22%.

Missing teeth can be fixed in several ways. If you've lost many teeth, you could benefit from teeth the same day where you can have all of your dental implants done in one day. These implants look natural and can be brushed and flossed just like your normal teeth. You won't have to walk around for weeks or months with gaps in your smile. With teeth the same day you can leave Dr. Bellisario's office in Ardmore, Pennsylvania looking as you did the day before St. Patrick's Day, maybe even better.

Bar brawls definitely play an important part in this rise in emergency dental implant visits. High amounts of alcohol impair motor skills, causing some partakers to fall and catch themselves by the teeth on cement. These incidents don't usually involve the Irish stereotype. Ancestry doesn't matter when it comes to these statistics.

Remember to stay safe and watch out for your teeth this March 17th.

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