Causes of Tooth Discoloration

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Newtown teeth whiteningAt The Office of Doctor Bellisario, we have teeth whitening treatments available for our Newtown-area patients. These treatments are safe, proven and effective. But ensuring the treatment in question is appropriate for you first requires understanding the basic cause of your tooth discoloration.

Tooth discoloration isn't usually complicated, but its cause can affect whether traditional whitening treatments can be effective. Of course, there are a lot of factors that can impact tooth discoloration, and sometimes there are multiple causes. But identifying the possibilities can be very helpful in devising the proper treatment plan to help you achieve the bright, dazzling smile you desire.

Here are a few common causes of tooth discoloration:

  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Certain medications
  • Age
  • A number of staining foods and beverages (red wine, colas, tea, coffee, berries)
  • Smoking

Some of these causes, such as medication-related staining or intrinsic stains resulting from age, may not respond well to traditional teeth whitening treatments. In these situations, Dr. Bellisario may recommend porcelain veneers to achieve your goals.

If you are a candidate for more traditional teeth whitening solutions, then you'll have several different options to choose from. Dr. Bellisario offers Zoom! Teeth Whitening and KoR whitening. Zoom is an in-office whitening system that's ideal for most forms of staining and discoloration. KoR, meanwhile, involves the creation of custom trays that you will take home and use at your convenience.

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