Are Dental Bridges Right For Me?

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Ardmore dental bridgesIf you're an Ardmore-area resident who has lost a teeth, it's important that you get it replaced as soon as possible if you're to avoid some of the serious oral health issues associated with a lost tooth. You have a lot of options for tooth replacement, and a dental bridge is one popular choice.

Dental implants remain the gold standard for tooth replacement, but implants aren't right for everyone. If you're not a suitable dental implant candidate, dental bridges often represent a great solution.

Dental bridges are great if you don't have enough bone density in your jaw to support an implant. And bridges offer a number of advantages over dentures, including:

  • Being firmly anchored in place
  • Possessing greater stability
  • A better fit within your existing smile

There are different kinds of dental bridges, including those that are supported by implants. Dr. Bellisario will help you find the bridge that is right for your specific needs.

We will also thoroughly examine the state of your teeth, gums and jaw in order to determine which tooth replacement option is the best for you. And if the dental bridge is the right choice, you can have confidence that the bridge will serve you well for years.

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